filling your wedding calendar in one SITTING.

Bridal Show Blueprint™ is the revolutionary digital course to help you book appointments with new couples on the spot at your next wedding show.

I tried everything.

I posted on social media daily.

Beautiful sample packs for wedding planners have been strewn all over my dining room table.

I tried to network with other vendors.

I even thought about dropping $10k on a coach because I was at the end of my rope.

I remember my first few years in business and I felt like I could never catch up. When I finally came up for air after a busy wedding season - my calendar practically had dust on it because no one was working on lead generation while I was head down in client work (anyone else a mighty team of one?)

After posting consistently on social media...

I’d wait around for an inquiry to pop into my inbox. Spoiler alert: it never came. I was sick of being at the mercy of the algorithm.

Those “preferred vendor lists” turned out to be a bunch of empty promises.

I learned the hard way that I cannot count on anyone else to sell my business - that’s our job.

I spent hundreds of dollars (and wasted a whole month) creating sample packs...

The goal was to send these to other vendors to try and get more referrals. I still remember them strewn all over my parent’s dining room table. That led to nothing.

We work so hard to reach our ideal customers, and the solution is actually so simple...

Why not get physically in front of the couples we want to serve?

From my journey, I realized that wedding shows are the most effective way to fill up your calendar.

5x more leads

are generated with a single wedding show than posting on social media alone (according to The Knot Worldwide)

80% of couples

are actively planning their wedding at shows, as opposed to only 25% who find you on social media (according to WeddingWire)

3x higher conversion

rate from wedding shows than social media or word of mouth (according to The Wedding Report)

22 appointments

the average # of consultations booked per one 4 hour wedding show vs. 1-2 appointments booked per week through social media efforts (according to The Wedding Report)

Armed with my newfound epiphany...

I signed up for every single wedding show I could get my hands on.

I spent the time between shows writing content with the only goal being to create connections and communicate my value.

I realized that just posting wasn’t enough (damn algorithm). So, I made a plan to get our content visible using ads.

Now with knowledge of who I was and why I was the best fit for their wedding - couples waited in line to schedule appointments with me.

I finally found something that worked and started calling it the Bridal Show Blueprint™.

Meet Your Coach!

Hey, I'm Lindsay!

When I implemented this exact 3 step blueprint, I brought in $25k per show.

I spent one day a month in “sales mode” and had the rest of the time to serve my clients and work on other things. I repeated and perfected it month, after month, after month and my business grew tremendously.

The Bridal Show Blueprint™ set me on a journey to grow my business to $300k without constantly being in lead generation mode. And now, I want to give that same freedom to you and your business...

Since discovering this method, I’ve gone to help 523 wedding pros fill their wedding calendars and grow their businesses with bridal shows.

Join the ranks of 523 wedding pros & fill your wedding calendar without

Fighting for attention on social media

Constantly asking for referrals

Hoping to get on a "preferred vendor list"

Say hello to your lead generation machine

The revolutionary digital course for wedding pros ready to fill up their calendar with new couples on the spot at their next show.

Perfect for:

- Photographers

- Stationers

- Planners

- Florists
- Venues
- DJs

+ more!

"I am amazed at how well this actually worked for me. Almost $20,000 booked from one show?! I sometimes don't make that in one year!"

- CANDACE, The Event Company

You are one bridal show away from a full wedding calendar.

consider this your bridal show success plan...

learn what to say

to connect with couples and encourage them to book an appointment on the spot (without sounding salesy).

Create a stunning Booth design

that will not only attract people’s attention but keep it long enough to have meaningful conversation.

choose the right show

to give you the best bang for your buck so that you don't waste time and money on ones that don't convert.

Stand out from your competition

learn how to make a lasting impression at the show even if there are other vendors that do exactly what you do.

generate buzz

to guarantee a great turn out of warm leads who already know your business & are intrigued to learn more.

confidently present your pricing

and communicate your value so that couples know without a doubt why you’re worth every penny you charge.

Secure appointments with dozens of couples chomping at the bit to work with you by crafting an irresistible show special.


Module 1


You’ll learn how to create connections and build anticipation, even before anyone steps foot on the show floor. You’ll use the same strategies that land a 96% close rate in our wedding business because when the lead is warm, it's 10x easier to close.


What to post before the show to warm up your leads so your booth is their first stop (I’ll even give you the caption prompts!)

How to get your content in front of as many engaged couples as possible (no more depending on the algorithm to show our stuff to the right people).

How to invite your followers to the show, so you can guarantee a warm audience in attendance.

Module 2


Here, you'll learn how to create a stunning booth design that attracts and keeps people's attention. Key word here is KEEP (we want them to linger at your booth longer so we have the opportunity to talk to them and get the appointment).


How to use your space wisely. You can surprisingly fit a lot into a 10x10 space if you’re smart about it!

How to showcase your work to attract couples and encourage them to spend more time at your booth.

How to clearly communicate your pricing, process, and timelines at the show so there is zero confusion.

What types of signage you need to include at your booth, some tips for the design, and my go-to resource for where to order.

Module 3


Most first time bridal show vendors make this huge mistake - they focus on making connections and collecting leads (names, emails, phone numbers). You will likely get a leads list from the show host - so don’t waste valuable time collecting leads that ultimately lead to a big fat nothing. In this module, you’ll learn how to get the appointment on the calendar.


What to say when couples approach the booth and how to transition into asking for the appointment (I’ll even include a script with exactly what to say).

How to choose an irresistible show special so it’s a no brainer to schedule an appointment with you.

We’ll also get into the nitty gritty details like what to wear and what to hand out.

Module 4

follow up

I know our main objective was to schedule appointments at the show. And that WILL absolutely happen if you use the strategies outlined in modules 1, 2, and 3. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need a solid follow up strategy.

Sometimes, couples just aren’t ready to book appointments on the spot, and that’s okay! In this module, I’ve included scripts, templates, and methods I’ve used and perfected in my own business after years of doing shows.


How to craft your follow up email to go out right after the show. We even give you the templates.

How to use social media to keep that buzz going.

How to use each column in your leads list to maximize every opportunity to book more appointments.

How to confirm and follow up with those who booked at the show (say goodbye to ghosting).

In other words, this is exactly what you need to generate more leads and book more weddings.

IT IS CRITICAL TO WARM up your leads 1-2 months before THE show.

The sooner you take action, the deeper the connection you can form with your audience. A warm lead is so much easier to close than a cold one.

Many wedding pros only do a handful of wedding shows a year and the time and financial investment is significant. You need to make. every. show. count.

You spend so much time and money crafting

the perfect booth - but if you forget to go in with a solid strategy to book appointments, all that will be for nothing. #sadface

Here’s my solemn vow. Your money-back guarantee

I promise that you CAN book appointments at your next bridal show. But the best part don’t even have to believe me!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course within 14 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

Simply email and I’ll happily give you your money back!

That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 14 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Bridal Show Blueprint and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.


01. Social Media Captions

Social media captions that correlate directly with modules and lessons in the course. So when you’re ready to warm up the lead, invite your audience to the show, and follow up - I have prompts for you to use.

These captions are taken from the top performing posts in my business so they are already tested and proven to spark engagement!

02. Email Templates

The exact emails templates to:

- Tease your show special
- Invite your audience to the show
- Follow up with your leads list
- Confirm your appointments from the show (to eliminate ghosting).

03. Choosing the Right Show

This is going to help you ask the right questions before signing up and investing in a show so that you don’t waste time and money on shows that don’t convert.

Don’t just blindly sign up, ask questions! You have a right to get your questions answered, you’re the one shelling out the money and taking the risk.

04. What to bring checklist

I don’t know about you, but I love a good checklist. This gives you a list of everything to pack for the show and where to purchase.

You’ll never have to worry about feeling like you’re missing something - I’ve got it all covered.

inside the bridal show blueprint:

4 Module Course (value $1997)

Social Media Captions (value $397)

Email Templates (value $297)

Choosing the Right Show Guide (value $97)

What to Bring Checklist (value $67)

total value = $2855

today's price:


(Or 6 monthly payments of $83)

"Lindsay's guidance has been an absolute game-changer for my business. I've achieved a remarkable 100% close rate on bookings from every show I've participated in since implementing her techniques.

In just three months, I've booked a total of 22 weddings. I can confidently say that participating in wedding shows has tripled my business!"

- Pam, Cake Love Cakery


than the cost of printing hundreds of brochures you totally don't need to have success that will end up in the garbage before couples leave the show.

(Skip the brochures, get this instead)


Bridal Show Blueprint™ is the revolutionary digital course to help you fill up your calendar on the spot at your next wedding show. And there is a payment plan!

A 6 month

payment plan of $83

A one time

payment of $497

“I did my first bridal show and I felt like I had an ace in my back pocket. I had all the tips right from the start and booked 24 appointments on the spot!”

- Madelyn, posey letterpress

I was told by an acquaintance that bridal shows don’t work. Well… I guess they didn’t book 37 appointments in one 4 hour show like I did yesterday. That’s working for me!

- Heidi, sincerely heidi designs

Thank you for your program! We did a two day expo this weekend and booked 46 consultations, my mind is blown! When I got home, my husband asked how the show was. I told him how many consultations we have on the books, his jaw just dropped!

- Alexa, monarch creative events

In just ONE show, these wedding pros booked more weddings than I did my whole first year of business.


BSB is the difference between your next show being a massive success or a total flop. The time and financial investment for bridal shows is significant - you need to make. every. show. count.

inside the bridal show blueprint:

4 Module Course (value $1997)

Social Media Captions (value $397)

Email Templates (value $297)

Choosing the Right Show Guide (value $97)

What to Bring Checklist (value $67)

total value = $2855

today's price:



Q: I've tried bridal shows in the past and it was a big waste of time and money - I got zero business from it. How will doing a show after going through BSB be different?

One of the great things about The Bridal Show Blueprint is that there is nothing else out there like it. These are strategies that I've perfect over the years from being in the trenches at bridal shows myself. After almost a decade of doing this, I know every amateur mistake you can make (because I've made them too!) So, I'll be able to immediately tell you what went wrong the first time, and what to do differently to ensure success.

Q: If I go through BSB, how many appointments can I expect to book at my first show?

Did you know that the average wedding pro books 1-5 appointments per show? That's because most people wrongly assume that the goal should be creating a connection and gathering contact information (so they can follow up later).

Students of the Bridal Show Blueprint are typically able to book 20-30 appointments per show. This amounts to nearly quadrupling your success rate.

Q: I've already spent a lot of money on the booth fee, set up, and samples. What is the typical ROI students of BSB can expect?

Bridal shows are an investment - so the last thing you want to do is not see an ROI. Your return on investment will depend on what you charge per wedding, the number of appointments you book, and how many you close. On average, we spend $1000 per show and bring in $25,000 in bookings (that's 25x our investment!)

Q: Does the Bridal Show Blueprint help me with what to say at the booth? I struggle with literally asking for the appointment and find myself awkwardly fumbling through the conversation.

Actually asking for the appointment is the #1 struggle I see from my students. Which is why I've included my "show script" in BSB. This will walk you through what to say from the moment a couple approaches your booth so you can confidently talk about your prices and ask for an appointment.

Q: I'm worried the show will be poorly advertised and no one will show up. How does BSB help me control the attendance rate?

I had the same worry and it would keep me up at night - until I decided that I was going to take attendance into my own hands. We have a whole module in BSB that teaches you how to generate your own buzz before the show, and how to invite people to attend. Because even if the show host does a killer job advertising, leads that are warm to you are always stronger.

Q: The market in my area is so saturated. I worry that there will be other's that do exactly what I do at the show. Does BSB account for this?

BSB helps you not just stand out, but makes your competition totally irrelevant. We'll show you how to connect with your audience and communicate how you are unlike any other in your field.

Q: I'm only allowed a 10x10 booth space. Will BSB teach me how to use my space efficiently and grab people’s attention?

The typical size for a booth at a bridal show is 10x10. We have a whole module that helps with show set up and a huge part of it is how to display your work.

The key to an exceptional booth is not to grab attention, but to keep it. We'll walk through ways to display your work to encourage people to spend more time at your booth browsing and chatting.

Q: I haven't signed up for a show yet. Will this help me choose the right show?

We have included the "Choose the Right Show" guide to help with this exact concern. Bridal shows are an investment (both time and money), so you need to make sure you're choosing the right one and asking the right questions up front. I'll make sure you choose shows that will be a slam dunk and avoid the bad ones.

Now you can go and hit up google and youtube like they’re going out of style and fill up 17 binders on all the free generic advice there is out there about growing your wedding business, and if that’s what you wanna do… more power to you!

But if you want to glean the wisdom from someone who grew her business from $30k to $300k in 5 years using bridal shows - packaged into a blueprint that will attract couples chomping at the bit to work with you, then this is your moment! 

Save hundreds of hours (not to mention thousands of dollars) and gain the confidence that all the time, effort, and money you’re spending on growing your business is going to be worth it. 

inside the bridal show blueprint:

4 Module Course (value $1997)

Social Media Captions (value $397)

Email Templates (value $297)

Choosing the Right Show Guide (value $97)

What to Bring Checklist (value $67)

total value = $2855

today's price:


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