Here’s the real hot take, wedding pros…

While you’re serving your clients, your business growth is halted.

This is especially true in the wedding industry.

Most of us are solopreneurs and we care deeply about our couples and our craft. So by the time we come up for air to think our own businesses - we’re burnt out, exhausted, and can’t see through the weeds.

How many times have you created an epic marketing plan during your slow season, only to have it pushed to the back burner when things got busy again?

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way.
This is quite normal across the board, and there’s really one simple reason why:

You are one person juggling the day-to-day, serving your couples, sales, marketing, admin, customer services, and growth of your business.

But what if you didn’t have to choose between all of those priorities?

Not only does the to-do list NOT have to rest entirely on your shoulders, but the decisions, strategies, and implementation don’t either.

Here's the reality...

  • Most solopreneurs are high achievers and think “my business, my problem.” 

  • When we try to do it all ourselves, the weeds get thicker and thicker and it’s hard to see the full picture.

  • No matter how ambitious we are, when we spend 90% of our time serving our clients, it leaves us with an empty tank for our own sales & marketing and that never yields productive results. 

The truth is… when we’re too busy to prioritize our business, the only one that suffers is us.

The reality of growing a successful wedding business is this:

  • It's hard.

  • It's lonely.

  • It's expensive.

  • Most people fail.

  • ​It rarely goes according to plan.

  • It takes a ton of hard work to actually get the leverage we all crave.

Fun, huh??

Ironically enough…

Once you actually stare down the real truth of business building and take off the rose colored glasses of your picture perfect newsfeed, the entrepreneur ride is actually the most thrilling and satisfying endeavor I can think of.

Nothing beats it.

You get to be the CEO of your business, and by extension, your life.

You get to make an impact on the lives of your couples during one of the most important seasons of their lives.

You get the immense satisfaction of watching your business grow into a company that creates a legacy for your family long after you’ve retired.

You get to smash through the income ceiling and rat race that most 9-5 jobs lead you down.

As John Maxell said, “Anything worth doing in uphill all the way.”

Which means, you’re going to need... 

The right kind of support

A strategic plan for growth catered to your business

Marketing & Business strategy

 ... to fulfill your potential and carry your business as far as it's meant to go.

After coaching dozens of business owners, teaching hundreds more from the stage and through my courses, and working with some of the brightest minds in marketing, I know the habits and patterns that create growth and leverage, and the ones that do the opposite (aka the stuff you should STEER clear of).

I’ve also grown my own wedding business to $300k in yearly revenue as a solopreneur.  I’ve taken my experience, knowledge, and insight, and put together a mentorship experience designed for wedding professionals who are looking for strategic training and high touch support to shortcut the growth curve and avoid the pitfalls of “busy season quicksand.” 

One-on-One Mentorship

I’m in your back pocket (literally) every single day to answer questions, offer support, help with your growth strategy - and get you unstuck from your current quicksand. 

The Details:

Many people have already inquired about 1:1 mentorship opportunities, so there will be a waitlist and an application process to be accepted. I’m actively looking for entrepreneurs in the wedding industry who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to see results. We do this together, I’ll guide and support you every step of the way, but you gotta be the one to do the work.

Joining requires a commitment of at least 6 months, as any kind of real progress and momentum takes time to achieve. I hope though, that once inside, you see the value of the coaching and choose to stay!

And let me tell you… it’s magic when you see that kind of momentum in action. 

"Working with Lindsay has been invaluable! She has not only helped me establish goals and prioritize the actions to meet (and exceed) them, but helped me really dive deep and get a better understanding of my business itself. She's a real person, with real experience, who is not only willing to share and provide support, but you can tell, truly wants everyone to thrive.

For me, the mentorship was an investment, but it was so worth it. I brought in $10,000 in 6 weeks as a brand new business owner and absolutely believe her mentorship will be beneficial no matter what niche you are in the wedding industry."

Ashley Anderson, By Beach City

The program is built on three support methods:

Kick-Off Meeting

Daily Support

Weekly Support


Kick-Off Meeting

We start our relationship with a zoom meeting to get to know each other and establish goals for our time together.

This includes:

  • The Current State of Your Business

  • Personal and Professional Goals

  • Areas of Focus

  • Expectations and Desired Outcomes

  • Challenges and Obstacles

  • Timeline and Milestones

  • Action Items

By covering these topics in our initial kick-off meeting, we’ll create a solid foundation for a productive and effective mentorship relationship, setting the stage for massive growth in your business. 


Daily Support

Daily support is offered via Voxer. You can message me anytime, and my response time is approximately 24 hours or less during business hours.

Here are the areas I’m an expert in:

  • Business Strategy and Planning

  • Wedding Show Strategy

  • Marketing and Positioning

  • Lead Generation

  • Closing the Sale

  • Customer Experience

  • Time Management

I LOVE the Voxer style (voice and text message coaching) more than any type of coaching, and here's why....

I've noticed that 1:1 coaching programs happen in a set schedule (usually weekly). And business rarely works like that. Some weeks you have a zillion issues and questions, and other times you go several weeks or a month without a lot of action because you're working on one particular thing. So the 1:1 Voxer access creates a customizable plan that works with the natural ebbs and flows of your business.

It also allows us to carry on a conversation over a few days or a week so we can continue to iron out a problem as details unfold, rather than trying to gather everything up for that one 60 minute call once a week. So much pressure!


Weekly Support

I offer audits on a weekly basis. Meaning, you can submit something for me to review and I will review and give feedback once a week.

Here are some examples of things I can review in an audit:

  • Social Media Content - Captions and Messaging

  • Social Media Content - Visuals

  • Website

  • Email Marketing

  • Wedding Show Materials

  • Closing and Appointment Workflow

  • Follow up Emails (closing the sale)

Remember, the goal of content auditing is not only to identify areas of improvement in that particular thing, but also to ensure that all pieces work cohesively.

That’s the foundation of my 1:1 Mentorship Program


The cost of our 1:1 Mentorship Program is

$497/month for a 6 month commitment


$397/month for a 12 month commitment

That's likely less than 1 wedding for you, and I’m sure as heck going to help you book more than one wedding per month.

Meet Your Coach

Lindsay J. Williams

Hey there, I'm Lindsay J Williams, and I've been on quite the ride in the wedding biz! Back in 2014, I started my own wedding stationery business and grew that to $300k in yearly revenue - all as a one woman show.

You know what my secret weapon was? Wedding shows! I hustled hard at these events, and now, I'm all about sharing those tricks of the trade. I've found my sweet spot in coaching other wedding pros on how to rock their businesses with the power of shows.

I’ve since created two signature courses, "The Bridal Show Blueprint" and "The Closer," to share my trade secrets and help others skyrocket their businesses.

I'm also the voice behind "The Build That Business Podcast," where I chat about the real nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship, interview awesome guests, and dive into what it takes to make it big in the wedding world.

My mission? I've had the pleasure of guiding hundreds of fellow entrepreneurs in the wedding game, and it's a blast watching them grow and succeed. I've even had the honor of sharing my story on some amazing platforms such as The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield, and Wedding MBA - to name a few. So, if you're ready to turn your wedding business dreams into reality, I'm your go-to gal.

Let's make some magic happen!


" I needed a coach who could teach me how to get in front of my ideal clients, nurture them, and close them. Following Lindsay's guidance, I scheduled 37 consultations and earned $30,000 in just 2 months time. I'm confident that I will replace my 6-figure income and more in 2024.

I can't say enough about the wealth of knowledge Lindsay shares. Her insight has helped me design a prosperous business model and for that I'm so grateful."

Heidi Bullock, Sincerely Heidi

Next Steps...

If you need help with creating & executing your sales and marketing plans...

If you need strategic advice and help on how to generate more leads and close more sales…

If you’re ready for a no fluff approach to taking calculated action, working off of solid strategy, in a 1:1 setting where you cannot hide...

You can apply now to see if you and your business are a fit for the 1:1 Mentorship Program



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