For wedding pros having trouble standing out - I made this for you.

Tired of spending so much time generating leads into your wedding business, only to have them cancel before the appointment?

(or even more frustrating - ghost you after you send them your prices?)

The Secret Sauce Workshop™ will help you clearly communicate your value so you can make your competition totally irrelevant.

... no more potential clients that decide to use a family friend, opt to go the DIY route, or choose a lower priced competitor.

Grab the workshop for just $137

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I’ll never forget

That tearful call to mom...

I had just quit my 9-5 after lining up a dozen appointments from a bridal show.

The confidence after the show quickly turned to terror, anxiety, and defeat with every cancellation or “we decided to go in a different direction” that came after. I couldn’t close a sale if my life depended on it.

My mom spent her career selling radio commercial spots on the air - she was a killer sales woman. So, she offered to come on the rest of my appointments with me (a mother-daughter duo).

I stepped back and watched her work her magic...

She was charming, confident, and crystal clear about how working with us was different from ordering your invitations on minted or some other DIY option.

By the time we were finishing the appointments, couples already had their credit cards out wondering where to sign.

what just happened?!

I’ve been struggling to get people just show up for appointments, and now they were chomping at the bit to work with me after one appointment with my mom.

I'll tell youWhat happened...

  • She stopped selling and started connecting.

  • She listened intently to what lit people up and also their hesitations.

  • She clearly communicated our value on the spot (why we were different and better then every other option).

  • And she nipped the hesitations in the bud right there.

I closed every single appointment my mom came to and I knew we were onto something.

fast forward to today...

I have a close rate of 96% implementing what she taught me

I've been in the wedding industry for 9 years and have grown my stationery business to $300,000 in yearly revenue.

After hearing so many others in the industry say that they were struggling to close the sale (or get people to actually show up to the appointment), I had flashbacks to that call to my mom. 

Unfortunately, I can't rent her out to come with you on appointments these days (she's happily retired), but I decided to do the next best thing... I've made it my mission to help other wedding pros pinpoint what makes them unique, and be able to confidently communicate it back in their marketing.

“I feel like I knowexactlywhat I can offer my clients and how to communicate it.”

Lindsay has helped me take all my ideas in my head and get them organized. I never focused on the right things while "communicating my value" and after implementing her strategy, I feel like I know EXACTLY what I can offer my clients and how to communicate it.

Heather C.

Business feeling a little bland lately? Spice it up with...

The Secret Sauce Workshop

The workshop for wedding pros to help you stand out in our crowded industry so that you can make your competition totally irrelevant.  

... no more potential clients that decide to use a family friend, opt to go the DIY route, or choose a lower priced competitor.

Perfect for all entrepreneurs in the wedding industry

- Stationers - Photographers  - Planners - Venues - Florists - DJs - Bakers - Salons -

Consider this the recipe to unlocking your unique selling point and take your wedding business from comparable to irresistible.

Strengthen your connection with couples before getting to the appointment, so they're eager AND excited to meet with you (no more cancellations + no-shows) 

Stop the price shopping game and shift the focus to your unique value. So couples use this to compare you to the competition and not a few extra dollars.

Clearly communicate your value so couples understand why you are the best choice (no more choosing to DIY, a family friend, or another local competitor.)

Hone in on your messaging to uncover what’s finally going to “click” with your audience so that you can encourage them to take action and close the sale 10x faster.

Confidently present your PROPOSAL knowing that you’re worth every shiny penny (even if they’re emailing 5 different vendors looking for the cheapest.)

Steal an endless supply of content angles and examples to illustrate your secret sauce, so that you’re not just repeating yourself over and over again.

Differentiate yourself in the crowded wedding industry, to not only stand out from the competition but make them totally irrelevant with a strategy canvas.

all of thisWithout...

  • Lowing or hiding your prices out of fear that people will choose a cheaper option.

  • Wasting your time trying to prove your worth to clients that aren’t the right fit and would be a nightmare to work with.

  • Waiting around wondering if clients are even going to show up to their appointments.


here's what We'll cover In the workshop:



Finding the kinks in the hose of your business

If your business isn’t growing the way you want it to - it’s on you. It’s not that not that your pricing is too high, or no one wants to pay for anything anymore. It’s that people are not seeing the value you bring to the table. In this section, we’re going to uncover where you are losing the customer along the way so that we can fix it.



Finding your secret sauce

In this section, we are going to uncover who and what our customers' alternatives are and how we make them totally irrelevant. We’ll also talk about the blue ocean strategy, why you need it for your business, and how to create a strategy canvas to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.



How to communicate your secret sauce

After you complete section 1, you will know how you are different and better than your customer’s alternatives but now, you need to know how to clearly communicate that BACK to your clients. I’m going to give you 6 different angles (with real life examples) of how to use all of this in your marketing.



Social Media Captions

And even one hour isn’t going to be quite enough, so I’ve added an extra bonus. I’m also going to include our social media swipe file. These are the top performing “value-based” posts from my own $300,000 business. The swipe file is all yours as a special bonus of the workshop.

a breakdown of what's included in:

The Secret Sauce Workshop

1 hour secret sauce workshop (Value $300)

secret sauce strategy workbook (Value $25)

recorded q&a (Value $150)

BONUS: Social media swipe file (Value $150)

total value = ($625)

today's Price =$137 savings of $488!

The workshop was brilliant!

The workshop was brilliant, Lindsay, you are a genius and make everything so easy to understand and implement. Already made 5x reels and working on static posts now!

Jenn W.

I soaked in as much as possible!

WOW! What an awesome workshop this afternoon. I was soaking as much as possible and I am so happy I have all these tools to implement. Can't wait to get started!

Jenn b.

Here are the projections for the wedding industry this year...

before you read on, I have to warn you, they're not pretty.

- The wedding industry is expected to decline .6% from 2023-2024

- For the first time in over ten years the average cost of a wedding is expected to drop (and not because costs are going down.) Nearly half of all event planners have noticed a drop in wedding spending due to the recession.

- Nearly HALF of couples specifically stated that inflation/rising costs as their #1 concern for wedding planning.

Now, before we go and panic, this is a unique opportunity for us vendors who are committed to excellence. Couples are becoming more and more selective with who they choose to work with and what they decide to spend their budget on.  

Vendors that stand out as unique, different, one of a kind have a HUGE advantage in the current landscape. If couples immediately understand why you are different/better, you’ll shine. 

If you fail to stand out, you’ll be lost in the sea of sameness and couples will use your price to compare you to the competition. And in this economy, that’s a losing game and a race to the bottom.


Here's MySolemn Vow.

If The Secret Sauce Workshop doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you clearly communicate your value, or save you tons of time and effort, just email me at within 14 days and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.


Our Frequently asked questions

I know the value I bring to the table, and I talk about it pretty consistently. But it’s not converting - what am I doing wrong?

You may know what you bring to the table, but do you know how to communicate it in a unique and creative way? You can only say “I offer custom design and one-on-one service” so many times before people start to tune you out, it just gets boring after a while.

Talking about what your secret sauce is not the same as showing it, it’s much different in fact. It’s important to be able to prove your point with stories, data, social proof, comparison, and more.

I’m all about posting consistently but if it’s not “clicking” with your ideal customers, then what’s the point? - Think of this workshop as helping you put the pieces together so they finally click (and convert to sales.) 

What will I learn that I can’t find on free sites + podcasts?

You could absolutely use free content and confuse the heck out of yourself by trying to piecemeal 10 different peoples’ advice. It’ll result in a dozen tabs open on your computer, and a Frankenstein marketing plan that probably won’t work or never get implemented.

Or you can attend a small curated group of wedding pros just like you and get expert advice that cuts through the noise and gives you a solid plan for your marketing.

I am convinced that it’s my pricing that is scaring people away. Will this help?

Here’s the tough love truth. It is not your price that is scaring people off - it’s that the couple does not see the value in working with you. I know that stings, but we’re going to fix it in this workshop!  If they want to work with you for their wedding (and they don’t have to mortgage their house to do so) they will find a way.

Think with me, how many times have you had a couple balk at your proposal, right after telling you they're getting married at one of the most expensive venues in town? When we’re done with honing in on your messaging, they’ll be up all night thinking of how to make it possible to work with you.

It’s time to join the ranks of 317+ wedding pros who’ve used my strategies to attract more leads and book more weddings quicker and easier.  Trust me, with this workshop, marketing your wedding business will be a cake walk (no pun intended)

Just like Amanda, who went through my program before filling up her calendar at her bridal show. She listened to my advice and spent the month before the show warming up the lead by focusing on communicating her value. 

Here’s what happened with all of those appointments she scheduled:

➔  Every single couple showed up to the appointment and were excited to meet with her (no ghosting here).

➔  They came to the appointment already knowing they wanted to work with her. So it was just a matter of choosing their details (colors, materials, what exactly they wanted). The meeting was more fun planning sesh then Amanda having to prove why she’s worth it.

When Amanda presented her pricing, couples didn’t flinch. In fact, most of them signed the proposal as soon as they got it!

Best of all, Amanda closed 85% of the appointments from the show! She did all of the hard work up front, so by the time couples sat down with her, she was the best fit for their wedding.

Now it’s your turn!

what's included in:

The Secret Sauce Workshop

1 hour secret sauce workshop (Value $300)

secret sauce strategy workbook (Value $25)

recorded q&a (Value $150)

BONUS: Social media swipe file (Value $150)

total value = ($625)

today's Price =$137 savings of $488!

“I learned things I never would have thought of. Genius! From social media to generating leads to sales strategy. It takes the guesswork away completely.”

Cari C.